Book of Thoughts

Hey readers! Welcome to my first blog post.

I thought I’d start off by talking a little bit more about what I want to share on my blog overall. With the modern world’s limitless access to content and media, one cannot simply be consumed by only one thing. There’s so much happening at once, so much to grab on to that it starts to mold a person’s ideas and what it is that matters to them and how they choose to talk about it.

Whether that begins with social media, Instagram or Twitter, or the new craze of TikTok or with films, books, podcasts, news, politics, music, etc.

For me, it’s everything. I’m consumed by everything around me at all times. I become so fascinated and passionate about the things I do, or watch, or listen to that all I can do is talk about it. My friends get pretty sick of me going into heavy detail about every little thing I learn.

What better way to talk about these things and my opinions than to start a blog. Whether it’s a new show I’m watching, new podcast I’m listening to, or a new philosophical idea I’ve carved into my brain in order to figure out my life, I’ll talk about it.

It’s like a never-ending book of my thoughts.